Blood test analysis

Blood test analysis

In blood test analysis, we interpret your most important blood test results in a practical way. The analysis is recommended to take in addition to genetic tests to better understand your current state of health. 

  • The analysis is done from your own blood test results. You can print the list here (.pdf)
  • Only the results of the blood test markers you entered are shown in the report. This means that you can also use the analysis tool to analyze blood test results with smaller amount of markers. Please remember that the confirmation code you purchased for printing the report is disposable. You can see the blood test markers available in the analysis at

Attention: When entering your blood test results, make sure that the units of measurement of the results you enter are the same as what is indicated on the page.

38 €

(incl. VAT 24%)

What health benefits does the analysis provide?

You can use the blood test analysis individually or in parallel and as a good additional support with BioAge and gene tests. By combining, for example, the results of a blood test analysis and a genetic test, you can more precisely optimize your lifestyle and nutrition.
If you inherit challenges revealed by a genetic test, you can monitor their development with regular blood test analyses. The blood test analysis also serves as a good indicator when monitoring the effects of the changes made.