Nordic Genex Oy

Health services for the love of science and the good life

Our company’s mission is to use comprehensive testing and science to advise people to make faster and better decisions about individual lifestyles and nutrition that can support their well-being and prevent diseases. We are all individuals and we all have our own inherited strengths, weaknesses and lifestyles. We focus on the analytics of genomic and intestinal health data and clinical laboratory results, which are interpreted in relation to lifestyles, nutrition and possible health challenges. Our services and products are used by healthcare professionals as well as private customers.

Nordic Genex

Reliable Finnish expertise in health data analysis

Nordic Genex Oy is a Finnish company that was founded in 2017. The company operates in Helsinki. The company offers well-being tests, lectures and education in Finland and international markets and with its scientific team has expertise especially in nutrigenomics and epigenetics.

Annika Kalvia

managing director

Aki Karihtala

Business development

Scientific Advisory Team

Anne Polvi

PhD of human genetics, Docent

Ville Pöntynen

MD., BSc, medical doctor

Hana Zelmanova

MD, medical doctor

Marimiina Quenor

Nutritionist (MSSc.)

Minna Sandberg

M.D., Ph. D., Docent in Ophthalmology and Cell and Molecular biology, Eye Surgeon

Kirsi Vaali

Biomedical engineer, Docent Allergology and immunology specialist

Marja Ruuti

Certified Nutritionist Master of Science in Human Nutrition

Sophia Cierny

Master of Sports Science (M.Sc.) Bachelor of Health Science (Bioscience, B.Sc.)

Jean-Loup Mouysset


Nordic Genex services

Professionals to help you

You can easily find interpretation services and advice, either directly from us or from trained professionals of our network of doctors and nutritional therapists.