DNA Health Test Add-ons

DNA Health Test Add-ons

Complete your DNA Health test with add-ons.

The DNA Health add-ons provide individual information about the areas that may interest you. If you don’t yet have a DNA Health test, you can order the desired add-ons when ordering the DNA Health test from our online store.

If you already have our DNA Health test (taken in 2020 or later, previously known as the DNA Health and Hormones test), you can order add-ons here without taking a new sample. In this case, you must state the reference number of your DNA Health test (found on the cover page of your DNA report) and the e-mail address you used in your order process the first time.

Important: If you are currently using a new email address, please update our register by emailing to info@nordicgenex.com before proceeding with your order.

/ €50

This test analyses yours gene variations, which, according to research, predispose, e.g. to the effects of poisons, chemicals and mold.

Your genetic makeup has a significant impact on hypersensitivity. Most typically, hypersensitivity manifests itself as a symptom of the skin or mucous membranes. In addition, hypersensitivity is associated with neurological symptoms, such as headache, dizziness, fatigue and various pain states. In the hypersensitivity add-on test, we examine your gene variations that affect your body’s defense and regulatory systems.

Celiac disease / €50

This test analyses gene variations that, according to studies, have been found to increase the risk of developing celiac disease.

Celiac disease mainly occurs in the intestines, but sometimes it can also appear on the skin. Celiac disease can be asymptomatic even for years, or it can cause symptoms at some point in life. Celiac disease is not caused by only one, single gene variation. That is why we are analysin several different gene variations, which according to studies have effects that increase the risk of celiac disease.

Hormonal metabolism / €50

In this add-on test we learn about estrogen and testosterone metabolism, which have a very big impact on the health of both women and men.

Disturbances in hormone metabolism as well as unhealthy lifestyles, age and environmental factors can cause changes in hormone levels. Changes in hormone levels, on the other hand, can cause various symptoms and health problems.

This add-on is automatically included in the DNA Health test, so when you order the DNA Health test, you do not need to order this separately.

Fat and sugar metabolism / €50

With the help of this add-on test you get recommendations about the amount and quality of fats and carbohydrates that suit you best.

In metabolism, your nutrients are modified to provide energy and building materials for your cells to use. Fat and sugar metabolism are strongly linked. Disrupting their balance can lead to various disorders, such as weight gain and related problems.

Pharmacogenetics / €80

The pharmacogenetics add-on test includes drug responses to the most common drugs based on your genetic makeup.

The metabolism of drugs in the body can vary considerably on an individual level. Some medicines can work faster or slower, and some medicines can have serious side effects. You get useful information from the test, which you can use to confirm with your doctor the suitability of the medication for you.

APOE, risk of Alzheimer’s disease / €50

This add-on test provides valuable information about your lipid metabolism genes, which play the most essential role in susceptibility to Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is usually a slowly and steadily progressing memory disorder, the symptoms of which are caused by damage to certain brain areas. Alzheimer’s disease can also break out as a lifestyle disease or as a result of a serious blow to the head, even if you do not have an unfavorable genetic variation. Although the exact cause of the disease is not known, it has been noticed how a healthy lifestyle can have an effect in the prevention of the disease.

Skin health / €50

With the help of this add-on test you get treatment, nutrition and supplement recommendations that support your skin health based on your own genetic makeup.

In the report, you will get a clear analysis of the aspects related to the well-being of your skin and to be taken into account. The report also includes individual food and supplement recommendations that support your skin health.

Immunity / €50

Immunity add-on test provides information on how you can support your own immune system and strengthen your immunity with lifestyle and the right kind of nutrition.

Genes control the functioning of the immune system. The test looks at gene variations that have been found to be related to the functioning of your immune system, i.e. how your immunity works and protects you from various toxins, viruses and other harmful microorganisms. With the help of the individual recommendations you receive from this test, you can support your immune system in its fight against pathogens.

Eye health / €50

In the eye health add-on test we examine the function of genes, which have been scientifically linked to most common eye diseases.

Based on the individual recommendations you get from the test, you can change your lifestyle to better support your eye health. You will learn, what kind of food and nutritional supplements to use to improve and maintain the health of your eyes. We recommend that you also share your test results with your personal eye specialist, so that he can take into account your genetic inheritance in the treatment of your eye health.

Vitamins and minerals / €80

Do you know how your genetic makeup affects your ability to utilize the vitamins and minerals you get from food and supplements?

The test examines how, thanks to your genetic inheritance, you are naturally able to utilize the various vitamins and minerals obtained from food and supplements. In addition to the test, we recommend taking a blood test analysis to map the current situation.

Histamine / €80

With the help of the Histamine Test, you can choose the right diet and supplements to alleviate the symptoms caused by possible histamine intolerance.

Histamine is a vital neurotransmitter in the brain and it regulates e.g. inflammation, gastric acid secretion and nervous system function. Histamine balance is important because an imbalance can cause e.g. allergies, migraine headaches, hives, psoriasis, increased gastric acid secretion, asthma and low blood pressure. Genetic characteristics have a significant effect on how well you are able to break down histamine.

Longevity / €80

In the Longevity add-on we analyze genes that, according to research, are related longevity. Longevity related genes and lifestyles are strongly connected to each other and are also essentially related to the stress response.

The aging process is influenced by the genes inherited from our parents, the place of birth and environment as well as our way of life. The effect of environmental factors on the aging process may depend on our genes. Aging is a complex process that often manifests as low energy levels, reduced physiological activity, and loss of homeostasis due to stress. All of these can lead to an increased risk of disease and mortality. Recent developments in medical science and the increased availability of versatile nutrients have simnifically increased the average lifespan of people worldwide. In the test report, you will receive individual recommendations on lifestyle, nutrition and supplements that you can use to support longevity and healthy years of life.

Sleep / €80

This add-on contains genes that have been found in studies to be related to sleep, sleep quality and various sleep disorders. Sleep is one of the most important pillars of health and recovery, and by knowing your genetic makeup, you are better able to take care of quality sleep and thus promote overall well-being.

In this test we examine genes and substances that affect sleep, as well as their connection to various sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea. The report gives you individual information about the factors affecting the quality, duration and rhythm of sleep, and helps to understand the individual effects of different substances, such as caffeine, on sleep. Based on the results, the test gives you recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle and supplements, helping you to support the quality of your sleep and prevent possible sleep disorders.

Sport / €80

This Sport add-on is designed for active exercisers and tells you about your genetic characteristics and individual nutrition.

This analysis is ideal for you if you want to enhance your training response and optimize your diet and lifestyle to support achieving a better fitness level.

Sport Pro / €120

The Sport Pro add-on is a gene analysis developed for elite athletes in cooperation with Olympic-level athletes and provides insight into the most important genes that significantly influence performance, training response and recovery.

Together with the DNA Health test, this is one of the most comprehensive health data packages on the market, that helps to take into account those genetic factors that promote or slow down the performance of top athletes.

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