DNA Health

DNA Health gene test

Your genetic makeup affects your health and well-being in many ways. 

The DNA Health gene test looks very broadly at genetic variations which have impact on health and well-being. The DNA Health gene test also examines gene variations that can affect your susceptibility to several different chronic diseases. This test gives you a clear interpretation of the impact of your lifestyle on your well-being. DNA Health test can be combined with numerous Add-on tests, which can be ordered at the same time or later (no additional sampling required).


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Why choose the DNA Health genetic test?

The DNA Health gene test gives you valuable information about your genetic heritage. The test covers many common health risks and helps you protect yourself from them. The test examines gene variations that can affect your susceptibility to several different chronic diseases, as well as the most important gene variations related to hormone metabolism.
Disturbances in hormone metabolism can cause health problems and challenges for both women and men. Knowing about your own genetic background related to hormone metabolism is especially useful for women with estrogen dominance conditions, such as endometriosis, PMS symptoms (premenstrual syndrome), menopause symptoms or if they have had breast, uterine or ovarian cancer or if these have occurred in the family. In men, good estrogen/testosterone metabolism has a positive effect on heart health and prostate cancer prevention.
The test results serve as your individual and comprehensive health profile, which also includes diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on your genetic makeup. 

The areas of the DNA Health test

Our genetic tests cover the most important areas related to your health, which are:
  • Well-being of the body
    • Methylation – Methylation is a process that occurs in the cell trillions of times every minute. Methylation is especially related to vitamin B metabolism and its function is of great importance, especially for cells that are constantly renewing themselves. Functional methylation also helps with DNA repair.
    • Detoxification or biotransformation Detoxification is the neutralization of harmful substances in the body and/or their removal from the body and is essentially related to the functioning of the liver and the body’s cleansing system.
    • Inflammation factors – Inflammation is a completely normal immune or defense reaction in the body and an essential part of tissue healing. When the genes affecting inflammation do not work correctly, the inflammatory reaction in the body continues. An increasing number of health problems such as obesity, heart disease, arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease have been scientifically linked to chronic silent inflammation.
    • Oxidative stress – The oxidative stress section tells about the body’s ability to neutralize free radicals and how you can best support the body’s natural antioxidant system with food and supplements.
  • Metabolism
  • Musculosceletal systems
  • Nutritional factors
  • Hormonal metabolism

DNA Health Test Add-ons

The DNA Health genetic test also has additional tests available that you can order along with this test or afterwards without a new sample collection.