DNA Sport Pro

DNA Sport Pro genetic test

The DNA Sport Pro test provides valuable information for athletes.

The DNA Sport Pro test developed for athletes and active people helps you to enhance your training and improve your performance. The test examines your genetic characteristics as well as the food and supplements that are suitable for you.

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Aspects of the DNA Sport Pro test

This gene test is a comprehensive test designed for athletes and active sports enthusiasts, which includes the most important genes related to nutrition, supplements and training. DNA Sport Pro is our most popular sports-related test suite.

  • Risk factors
    • Injury and recovery
    • Inflammatory factors
    • Oxidative stress
    • Methylation
    • Detoxification or biotransformation
    • Other risk factors
  • Performance and potential
    • Blood flow and oxygen uptake
    • Utilization of energy sources
    • Energy production capacity in relation to consumption
    • Skeletons and muscles
    • Nutritional factors and lifestyles
  • Training motivation
However, if you are a professional athlete and aim for the top, then we recommend our DNA Health test with Fat and Sugar Metabolism and APOE Add-on tests.

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