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FAQ - DNA tests

A DNA test examines your inherited genome under laboratory conditions.

Depending on your interest, tests can be done, among other things, to identify potential health risks, to understand your potential in terms of performance, to find out the diet that matches your metabolism, and generally to give recommendations for a healthy lifestyle based on your genome.

The results of DNA tests can sometimes be somewhat tricky to understand, but our professionals can help you with any questions. However, one of the cornerstones of Nordic Genex is to provide customers with reports that are easy to understand and offer practical advice.

DNA tests can be useful to you whether the results are positive or not. For some people, the test results are a good tool for better sports performance. For others, information obtained from tests may provide relief when some health risk exposures can be mapped. Testing can also motivate lifestyle changes or support a good quality of life. Of course, testing can also make it easier for doctors to make health supporting decisions. For example, based on the results, the frequency of monitoring can be decided if the patient is susceptible to some hereditary diseases. Information on susceptibility can also be utilized when designing health-related guidelines for weight management and exercise.


Generally speaking, genetic testing has a very small risk of negatively affecting physical health. However, for some people, testing and reviewing results may be more challenging mentally.

It should be noted that DNA testing cannot tell you about all the diseases or risks that you have inherited. For example, an unfavorable gene variation does not necessarily mean that you will develop related health issues. Genetic variation indicates an elevated hereditary risk that can be affected by food and lifestyle.

People can have many reasons for taking the DNA test. Nowadays, more and more people are taking the test to better understand their own genetic heritage and how it can lead to a healthier and longer life. Genetic analysis is also used a lot in sport when it comes to optimizing exercise and getting the best out of one’s diet. Nordic Genex’s offering is focused on these areas. Nordic Genex’s trained professionals can help you choose the product that suits you and your needs.
There are a lot of different types of tests on the market. The cheapest tests only include a few genes. The most expensive tests can cost up to EUR 2,000. Tests of Nordic Genex cost around 200-350 EUR. Our trained network of professionals also offer personal interpretations and consultations as additional services, although our reports are very easy to understand.
You can easily order a DNA test from our retailers or online store. If you have any special requests, you can also contact us directly by email or by using our contact form.
We hope you will send the sample within 24 hours. The sample will remain good during postal delivery.

You can take the test for the child. In case of the young child, it can be challenging to secrete saliva into the tube. For children under 6 years of age, we recommend taking the sample as a mucous membrane sample, i.e. with a cotton swab. If ordering the test from a retailer, please mention this to them so we can send the correct sampling device. If you order through the online store, send us a message via the contact form or by e-mail that you want a mucosal sampling device in connection with the order in question.

You’ll get results within 4 weeks after we have received the sample. Samples are analyzed in reliable international laboratories specialized in DNA sequencing.

After your test results and report are completed, you will receive an email with a link to the server where you can download your report. To download your report, you need a password that will be sent to your phone via SMS. Your report is on our server in pdf format. Be sure to allow pop-ups in your computer for this feature. If you are not sure whether the function is allowed, enter the word Pop-ups in the search function of your computer, and you will be able to see the settings.

Taking a test sample is really easy. We will send the test package to the address you provide with clear instructions on how to take the sample. A test sample is taken from saliva. For young children (ages 0-6) sample will be taken with a swab from the mouth.

There are clear instructions in the sampling kit, how to take a sample. To return the sample, you use the same box in which you received the sampling equipment. The sample postage has already been paid. When returning the sample, in addition to the sample, the box must contain a signed form, carefully filled out and signed. Place the lid with the return address on top of the box. Use the sealing tape in the box to close the box. Remember to save the reference number associated with your sample. One easy way is to take a picture of the completed form with your phone.

In addition to your name and contact information, the form asks for the names of the test or tests you ordered. We need your contact information for communication after the results are ready. In addition, the form asks for your gender, where you bought the test, the language used in the test report, and the serial numbers and reference numbers related to the sample.

Serial number: The serial number is located on the saliva and mucus sample tubes. If the sampling tool is cotton swabs in a paper envelope, the serial number can be found on the label on the paper envelope.

Reference number: The reference number sticker is located on the lid of the box of the saliva sampling device. In mucosa samples, the reference number is glued to the tube. 

Test results are reliable and all interpretations are based on scientific researches and work of our scientific team.
Nordic Genex will only provide test results to the people who have provided their contact information for this purpose. The test report does not show the full name, address, or other personal information of the tested person. Test results will not be given to third parties except in the case that an official governmental authority would require it by law. The sample report number and related personal information is stored only in the Nordic Genex database and there is no possibility for external access. Test results could be used anonymously for scientific and statistical research. The raw data collected is stored anonymously and is the property of Nordic Genex. Upon request, we can remove all your data from our data base.

Interpretations of our tests are offered by e.g. doctors and nutritional therapists. You can find more information about the services offered by our representatives by sending a e-mail to info@nordicgenex.com. The doctors in our network naturally also offer medical services. 

FAQ - Blood test analysis

Our blood test analysis can be used in parallel with our DNA tests and it will give you useful information about your current situation in different areas of health and especially about those areas where you have challenges related to your genetic heritage.
We will analyze your blood test from the results you deliver to us. This can be done online. You will receive the analysis right after inserting your results to our form on our website.
It gives you valuable information on your present health situation based on your laboratory results. Blood tests are also good to use on the side of the DNA tests as this is a good way to follow up, how the changes in your lifestyle and diet work.

FAQ - Gut Microbiome

Our gut microbiome analysis allows us to study the bacteria in your gut as well as identify which bacteria live in your gut, how many there are, and how they affect your body. Your sample will be analyzed from the DNA of your microbiome in the laboratory using the latest technology to obtain accurate results. Microbiome analysis can show if your nutrition and intestinal ecosystem are in balance or if you need to make changes to your diet to affect bacterial composition and to improve your intestinal health.
The intestinal microbiome, which mainly consists of bacteria, has been found to have a very significant impact on our overall health. A diverse and balanced microbiome can help prevent a number of diseases such as metabolic diseases (obesity, type 2 diabetes), digestive problems, intestinal diseases, autoimmune diseases and even heart diseases.

Sampling is easy. You will receive the sampling kit with instructions directly to your home within a couple of days after your order. A sample is taken from the stool. You can send the sample back to us using the same sample kit box. You will receive your results in about 4 weeks after your sample reaches us. The results you can download from our server using the e-mail link and password provided to you.

Nordic Genex genetic tests

Testing is the key to a better life

Good perceived health is influenced by several different factors. It has been studied that lifestyles and the influence of related choices is 40%, genetic inheritance 30%, environmental factors 20% and 10% of healthcare.

Our tests help you achieve your goals!