Genetic tests

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Why is it worth getting a genetic test?

Your genetic makeup and lifestyle together form 70 percent of your well-being. While you cannot change your genetic inheritance, you can change your lifestyle. Our genetic tests help you better understand yourself and your genetic makeup, and to modify your lifestyle based on this knowledge.
Your genetic makeup contains unique strengths and weaknesses. With your everyday choices, you can compensate for your genetic weaknesses and enhance your strengths.
Our tests have been carefully designed to include genes that, based on scientific research, directly or indirectly affect known biological processes in the body, as well as the onset of diseases.
Our genetic test is optimized to provide you with the most accurate information about those genes that you can influence through your lifestyle and diet. Alongside genetic tests, the clinical blood tests you undergo can help you monitor the progress of your health condition as you make changes to your lifestyle, nutrition, or exercise regimen.

As a result, you will receive concrete recommendations for a diet, lifestyle, and exercise that support your well-being.

How is a genetic test performed

Taking the test is easy. You will receive the sample collection kit with instructions directly to your home within a few days of placing your order. The sample is taken from saliva. You can send the sample back to us using the same mailing box. You will receive your results about 4 weeks after your sample reaches us. The results are downloaded from our server using the email link and password provided to you.