Lectures and education

Lectures and education – Nordic Genex

Expert lectures and trainings on well-being and health

We offer lectures related to well-being and health for both companies and public events. In addition, we organize webinars on interesting health-related topics for consumers.

Lectures and webinars – Nordic Genex

Lecture examples:

  • Genes and lifestyle
  • Weight management
  • Hormonal metabolism
  • Intestinal health
  • Food allergies
  • Silent inflammation
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Mold exposure and other indoor air problems
  • Thyroid gland
  • Joint health


We organize trainings on the interpretation of genetic tests for health and wellness professionals.
Nordic Genex genetic tests

Testing is the key to a better life

Good perceived health is influenced by several different factors. It has been studied that lifestyles and the influence of related choices is 40%, genetic inheritance 30%, environmental factors 20% and healthcare 10%.

Our tests help you achieve your goals!