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Testing is the key to a better life

Several different factors affect your experience of good health. It has been studied that the influence of lifestyle and related choices is 40%, genetic inheritance 30%, environmental factors 20% and healthcare 10%.

By getting to know your genetic inheritance, and by taking into account your individual needs in lifestyle, such as the quality of food and the amount of rest, you will be able to achieve considerable improvements in your health.

In the tests and their interpretation, you are taken into account holistically. One of the most important aspects of holistic healthcare is versatile testing, where your health data is analyzed scientifically in relation to lifestyles, nutritional habits and health challenges.

By testing yourself, you can find answers and new solutions to your health challenges. DNA tests analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your genetic inheritance. You can use Blood test analysis in parallel and as a good additional support with genetest to map your current state of health. Based on your test results, you will receive individual nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.


DNA tests

With the help of genetic tests, you can understand your inherited weaknesses and support your strengths

With versatile and practical information based on scientific studies, you can find out about your individual genetic characteristics. The test results serve as a good basis for diet and lifestyle instructions tailored just for you, which will help you stay healthier.

Gut Microbiome – Gut Health tests

The root causes of health problems such as obesity, digestive problems and autoimmune diseases can lie in the microbes in your gut and their imbalance.

With the help of our intestinal health tests, you can find out which bacteria live in your intestines, how much there is, and how they affect your body’s well-being.

With our tests, you get valuable information about the balance of your nutrition and gut ecosystem and how to improve it with dietary changes.

Blood test analyses

With the help of blood test analysis, you can check your current health situation.

When combined with a genetic test, blood test analysis provides more comprehensive information and helps in implement a lifestyle changes, as well as monitor your health and possible changes. The blood test markers will be analyzed in relation to your genetic test results. The most recent blood test results are needed for the analysis.

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You can easily find interpretation services and advice, either directly from us or from trained professionals of our network of doctors and nutritional therapists.